Library Antique Furniture

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R. J. Horner (New York) Griffin Arm Chair in Mahogany and Red Leather


Circa 1890's




R. J. Horner (New York) Mahogany Griffin Partners Desk 156

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R. J. Horner (New York) Mahogany Crown Throne Chair and Black Leather Buttoned and Tufted


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R. J. Horner - Mahogany Throne Chair 116

Circa 1890's

57' H x 25" x 27" W


R. J. Horner (New York) Oak Winged Woman Arm Chair


Buttoned and Tufted in Black Leather

Circa 1895 


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Oak - Griffin Throne Chair in Green Leather & Button and Tufted

Circa 1880's

Overall width 27" Depth 25" Height 48"


Walnut Side Table with inlaid Marble Top


Circa 1890's


Silver over Bronze / Winged Women Parlor Table with Marble top


Circa 1950 to 1960's


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Mahogany (Ideal) Barrister Bookcase 5 Stack

Circa 1900 to 1910

77" H, 35.5 W, 15" D


Globe - Wernike  Oak Barrister Bookcase

Circa 1910

60" H, 34 W, 10 D

The Globe Wernike Co.


Globe - Wernike  Oak Barrister Bookcase

Circa 1910
The Globe Wernicke Co.


Hunzinger - Mahogany Eagle Claw Table 135

Circa 1900


Triple wide 12 Drawer Oak File Cabinet and card file 101

Circa 1910

42" w x 72" H

Quarter sawn oak

Wood has be completely restored to orignal finish

Comes apart in 6 pieces